Getting Started with Digital Art (FULL BRUSH COLLECTION) - Included

Dominic Glover
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Hello, my friend! Welcome to “Getting Started with Digital Art”: This course is my process for creating digital art. From start to finish. We are going to make art and make it easy.

This course is made for people that have been doing art for a year or more and want to get into digital art.

The Game Plan

1: Tools, tablets, and software that you can use. Along with the Drawing Fundamentals and exercises that will help you get used to drawing on a digital tablet.

2: Then we are going to get into the process of creating line work using digital tools from start to finish. The techniques the steps and the process that I constantly use to create my art pieces.

3: Then after that, we will go over Color Theory and understanding colors and how to choose colors for your art pieces.

4: After that, we will then go over how to blend colors and add texture and depth to your piece.

5: Once we have gone over all of these steps we are then going try a new challenge that will help you jump-start your digital art career and hopefully help open some doors to get you some new commissions or better yet hired by a big Client!


Full Lesson Course of: Getting Started with Digital Art

*PHOTOSHOP BRUSHES - Compatible with Procreate

* Includes 15 Character Tutorials with High Res Photoshop Files with Layers

* Includes Custom Color Wheels

ImagePSDs - Compatible with Procreate, Photoshop and Clip Studio Paint

Process Pictures

High Res Process Images

*Tutorial on how How to Import Brushes into Procreate

*Tutorial on how to import PSD Files into Procreate

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Getting Started with Digital Art (FULL BRUSH COLLECTION) - Included

16 ratings
I want this!